“…terms and conditions apply…”

Ok, so I realise that the last time I posted it was March and now it is June something but, as to reasons I have previously outlined, life is now happening again for me and I was more than ready to take that particular ride again. That's not to say that blogging about my experiences … Continue reading “…terms and conditions apply…”


“All the shingle ladies, all the shingle ladies…”

”An old man turned ninety-eight / He won the lottery and died the next day...” When Canadian songstress, Alanis Morissette opined these words in the early nineties, we all nodded sagely as we climbed on board with her glib assessment of how life has a “funny way” of not always going the way that you … Continue reading “All the shingle ladies, all the shingle ladies…”

Reflection, anticipation and realisation…

I know exactly where to start this particular post because priority supersedes chronology on this occasion. The priority I talk of is the profound acknowledgement that I recently marked the two year anniversary of my heart transplant operation. Other heart transplant patients will most likely agree with me that the profundity of this occasion is … Continue reading Reflection, anticipation and realisation…